Why use eCliPSE?

Discover four reasons to use eCliPSE

Why use eCliPSE?

There are plenty of resources and websites that provide support for mental health and substance use issues, so why should you consider using eCliPSE?

Discover four reasons below. 


1. It’s free

eCliPSE is free. There is no charge to access any of our content or services.


2. It’s informative

eCliPSE covers many aspects of mental health and substance use issues. We have resources and blog posts on health and well-being. Furthermore, we also offer resources on co-occurring issues, which is not always discussed elsewhere but is an important component of health.


3. It’s reliable

eCliPSE is backed by research, experience, and expertise from our leaders and partners. We want to assure you that our resources and services have been well-thought-out and are reviewed by professionals.


4. It’s outcome-oriented

Our goal is to help you on the path to well-being. To do this, we take a practical, strengths-based approach and strive to provide resources aimed towards positive outcomes.

Get Started

We hope these reasons give insight into how eCliPSE can help you. If you want to know more about eCliPSE, check out what eCliPSE is and who we are. And if you want to begin your eCliPSE journey, start here.    


Quiz me

This section of eCliPSE takes you through a series of quizzes (or screening tools) designed to help you understand the different types of thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing.

By completing these quizzes, you can get some feedback on your mood and lifestyle choices. You can also download this feedback into a letter that you can show your GP or other health care professional and discover which of our eHealth programs might be the best for you right now.

Over time, you can track your mood and lifestyle behaviours by returning to the quizzes and taking them again at any time.

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