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If you find yourself or someone you know in an emergency situation, contact mental health or emergency services on 000

Are you having a hard time, experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide and need someone to talk to? Reach out to the following services that are available to listen to your concerns and help you out. These services are available 24/7, confidential and can be reached via a call or through their website:


Quiz me

This section of eCliPSE takes your through a series of quizzes (or screening tools) to help you understand the different types of thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing.

By completing these "quizzes" you can get some feedback on your mood and lifestyle choices, download this feedback into a letter that you an show your GP or other healthcare professional, and also discover which of our eHealth programs might be the best for you right now.

You can also track your mood and lifestyle behaviours over time... by coming back and taking the quizzes again - at any time.

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