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  • On iHelp:

    The motivation to quit smoking was what helped. It was a two pronged attack from iHeLP combined with what my GP was saying.

  • On DEAL:

    It's nice just knowing that people want this program to exist. That metal health issues are a problem in our society and that something needs to be done.

  • On eCliPSE:

    I use computers a lot. My psychs are not available 24/7 so an online self-help program like eCliPSE would be great for me. eCliPSE has done a bloody good job!

    Male consumer, 31 years
  • On DEAL:

    It made me consider things and why I felt that way, and how I could make them better.

  • On eCliPSE:

    These are excellent programs and would benefit all consumers and clinicians.

    Drug and Alcohol clinician, 41 years