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eCliPSE the rising tide of mental health and substance use problems

"COVID-19 has contributed more than a 25 per cent increase in new cases of depression and anxiety, with the impact on alcohol and other substance use still being understood.

This ‘rising tide’ of mental health and substance use problems could overwhelm the health system’s capacity to provide timely support and treatment to people in need of help.

To combat this growing problem, the University of Newcastle, and the Hunter Medical Research (HMRI) Institute has launched an initiative to help Australia ‘eclipse’ this rising tide with a real time response..."

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This section of eCliPSE takes you through a series of quizzes (or screening tools) designed to help you understand the different types of thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing.

By completing these quizzes, you can get some feedback on your mood and lifestyle choices. You can also download this feedback into a letter that you can show your GP or other health care professional and discover which of our eHealth programs might be the best for you right now.

Over time, you can track your mood and lifestyle behaviours by returning to the quizzes and taking them again at any time.

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