ABC Listen Broadcast

Hear what one of the researchers behind eCliPSE had to say about the COVID-19 mental health crisis.

"Well, the wonderful thing about therapy is that our goal of therapy is to really teach people to be their own therapists and that would be wonderful, and what we do in therapy is try and create the safe space for people to I guess get any other blockages and challenges out of the way to then learn those skills to go out and be their own therapists. So actually anybody can go out and do these things right now, and it really can come down to something as simple as just making a list, maybe setting some boundaries or some limits about the events or the things that you are more or less comfortable with..."

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This section of eCliPSE takes you through a series of quizzes (or screening tools) designed to help you understand the different types of thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing.

By completing these quizzes, you can get some feedback on your mood and lifestyle choices. You can also download this feedback into a letter that you can show your GP or other health care professional and discover which of our eHealth programs might be the best for you right now.

Over time, you can track your mood and lifestyle behaviours by returning to the quizzes and taking them again at any time.

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