What makes the SHADE Program special?

The SHADE program was developed by pioneering research into the use of technology to bring real benefits to Australians who are concerned about their mood and their use of alcohol or other types of substances.

SHADE is based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), motivation enhancement training (MET) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (mindfulness).  It provides easy-to-learn skills that can be used in everyday situations we all face.  Many people who have used SHADE have found that a number of the CBT techniques taught are familiar, and extensions of what they already know…but just haven’t found the impetus to put them into practice.  We hope that SHADE will provide that energy and momentum you need to help make the changes you have in mind for yourself.

SHADE is an evidence-based program that has been tested in a number of randomised controlled clinical trials conducted by Dr. Frances Kay-Lambkin. These trials have demonstrated that, when combined with a brief check-in with a health practitioner, SHADE is as effective as a face-to-face psychological treatment in improving mood and reducing substance use. We hope you will experience the same benefits by accessing the SHADE program.

How to start using the SHADE Program

Log into eCliPSE with your user name and password. From the “My Console” page, click on “My Courses” to see a list of courses that have been recommended for you based on your quiz answers. These will be under the “Recommended” tab. For a full list of the courses available in the eCliPSE suite, including those not specifically recommended for you, click on the “All” tab.

The all tab looks something like this

In the SHADE window you will see a blue bar that says “GET SUPPORT NOW” or “RECOMMENDED ON” click on this blue bar and you will be taken to the SHADE program – you are ready to start! 

Click through to a welcome page which looks like this and click on the “SHADE 10 Week Program” to access SHADE content.

When you click on “iSHADE 10 Week Program” you are directed to the contents page where you can access each of the 10 Weeks (or modules) of the program. To access these Weeks, simply click on the relevant week for you (on the triangle shape).  Make sure you start at Week 1, and work your way through Weeks 2, 3, and 4 in numerical order, all the way to Week 10. A summary of all of the handouts and worksheets can be found under the menu item “Summary of SHADE Resources”, and the questionnaires to monitor your mood and substance use are also in a separate menu (“Questionnaires”) for you to access at any time.

You can begin the SHADE program by clicking on 'Week 1' on the course page. Each week or at your own pace, you can progress by clicking to open the other weeks of the program (you can click weeks you have finished to close them too). SHADE remembers your progress each time you visit. In addition to the program modules, you can access the handouts, worksheets and questionnaires that are part of the program.

Once you click on “Week 1” (or whichever week you are up to), you will see a menu appear containing all of the resources associated with that week.  In Weeks 1, 5, and 10, you will see that we ask you to complete some questionnaires about your mood and substance use – which you can use to monitor your progress as you complete the SHADE modules.  These are not compulsory, but can help you keep track of the changes you’ve made whilst working through the SHADE program.

Once you are ready, click on the iSHADE Module 1 to access the session content for your first week of the SHADE program. This will be the same for each week of the program, except that the label will read iSHADE Module 2 (for module 2), iSHADE Module 3 (for module 3), and so on through to iSHADE Module 10.

Navigating within a module

Now that you’ve opened one of the modules of the SHADE program it’s time to get started! Click on “Enter” and a window will pop up. You’ll access the SHADE content through this window. Notice the navigation bar down the bottom. This will help you to move through the module.

Use the “previous” and “next” arrows to flick through each page of the module. You’ll know it’s time to move on to the next page when the voice over stops.

The “course map” shows you all of the sections in this module with a green tick for any that you have already completed. This will help you to repeat a section that you have already completed, to pick up where you left off in a previous session or to skip ahead.

SHADE has a built in voice over which reads the text aloud. To turn this on or off click on the “mute” button. If you can’t hear the voice over, try clicking on “mute” and if that still doesn’t turn it on, check your computer’s speakers and internal volume settings.

The “refresh” button will restart the audio for the section.

The “exit” button closes the browser window that has the session content in it but leaves your other browser windows open.

A note on Homework

The SHADE online program is based largely on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); a treatment that includes many take-home activities (or “homework) to complete in between sessions.  SHADE modules will assign several monitoring and other worksheets as homework at the conclusion of each session.  These worksheets are intended to help you take the lessons learned during a SHADE module and put it into practice in your everyday life.

Homework is not intended to be too much of a burden, although you may disagree!! Not every homework worksheet set by the SHADE program must be taken home and completed.  If it feels too overwhelming, you can choose which homework tasks are most important to you, and if need be, select one or two key activities to work on in between sessions.  It is intended that, once these homework activities become habit, there will be no need for formally completing these worksheets.


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