What makes the DEAL Program special?

DEAL uses a style of therapy called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This therapy has been shown in many research studies to be particularly effective at reducing depression and in helping people to get a better handle on their alcohol and other drug use. In particular, CBT encourages a person to look at the many different situations they are involved in every day, and examine how their reactions to those situations (their thoughts, assumptions, worries, etc.) may be affecting how they feel about that situation and how they behave.

Through the use of a range of different skills and strategies and strategies, CBT aims to help a person think, feel and behave differently in those situations, so that things can work out better for that person.

The DEAL Program is based on the SHADE program (also available on the eCliPSE portal) which has been used in several research studies conducted in Australia, and has been shown to help people better manage symptoms of depression, reduce alcohol and other drug use and to improve their current life situation.

We hope that by working through the DEAL modules, you will also be able to see some of these benefits for yourself. You can move through each of these sections as quickly or slowly as you like – it is all up to you.

Throughout the DEAL modules, you will have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of a case study of your choosing, who might be in a similar position to you. In addition to these stories, you will learn different techniques to help you through your current situation. There are also a range of worksheets and information sheets available for you to print or save for future reference.

Thanks for trying the DEAL Program and good luck.

How to start using the DEAL Program

You will need to Register an account with eCliPSE and complete the DASS quiz. Completing the DASS quiz will allow eCLiPSE to specifically recommend the most suitable courses that will help you. 

If you are already an eCLiPSE member you will need to Log into eCliPSE with your user name and password. From the “My Console” page, click on “My Courses” to see a list of courses that have been recommended for you based on your DASS quiz answers. These will be under the “Recommended” tab. For a full list of the courses available in eCliPSE, including those not specifically recommended for you, click on the “All” tab.

The all tab looks something like this

In the DEAL window you will see a blue bar that says “GET SUPPORT NOW” or “RECOMMENDED ON” click on this blue bar and you will be taken to the DEAL program – you are ready to start! 

Click through to a 'Welcome' page as shown below and click on the hand to move through the introduction to  the modules on DEAL. 

At any time you can click on the reverse hand  to move back to an earlier page.


Just like a “choose your adventure” story, you are asked to choose the character who you’d like to follow. You can always come back and select to follow one of the other characters later. Click on the face to choose your first story.


After you choose the story you would like to follow, you’ll click through to the Home page. Here you will see a menu bar across the top with options to access the home page:

what’s the deal? (where you’ll find summaries of each module, weekly tasks, information sheets, graphs and audio files)

about deal (which describes the background to the program)

Emergency (where you can access emotional support)

From the Home page you can navigate forward and backward through the session content using the hands. Down the right hand side of the Home page you’ll also see a session menu that allows you to skip ahead or return back to other sessions.


You are now ready to get started with the DEAL Program!

A Note on Worksheets and Activities

The DEAL program is based largely on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); a treatment that includes many take-home activities (or “homework") to complete in between the modules. When completing modules on DEAL you will be assigned several monitoring and other worksheets as homework at the conclusion of each module. These worksheets are intended to help you take the lessons learned during a DEAL module and put these skills and strategies into practice in your everyday life.

The worksheets are not intended to be too much of a burden, although you may disagree! Not every worksheet set through the DEAL program must be completed. If it feels too overwhelming, you can choose which worksheet activities are the most important to you, and if need be, select one or two key activities to work on in between the modules. It is intended that, once these activities become habit in your everyday life, there will be no need to formally complete these worksheets repeatedly.


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