Helpful information and support during the COVID-19 pandemic

The ongoing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There has been a lot of change in the world recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has forced us to start to change the way we live our daily lives. This rapid change might make you feel more anxious, stressed and uncertain of what the future holds. eCliPSE has some resources to help you through this challenging time. 

eCliPSE COVID-19 Mental Health Program

The eCLiPSE team is currently working to build a specific program to help people through the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand that there is a growing demand for supporting individuals' mental wellbeing during these times. Please check back regularly over the coming weeks and months as this service will be continually updated with new information.

Wellbeing tips from eCliPSE

Strategies for coping with self-isolation and quarantine:

  • Stay informed, but find a healthy balance with how much media you consume. Exposure to too much negative information can make you and your loved ones experience feelings of fear and anxiety.
  • Actively seek out positive news or stories each day to remind yourself that there are good things happening in the world around you, and in your own life.
  • Start a 'gratitude jar' where you write down one thing each day that you are looking forward to doing once things return to normal.
  • Prioritise healthy eating and sleeping routines.
  • Develop an exercise routine that you can do either indoors or outdoors and schedule time in your day for regular exercise. Start with these:
  • Music can help improve our mood and make us feel good. Create your own Spotify playlist and invite your friends to check it out and do the same. Here’s some inspiration: 
  • Spend 5 minutes decluttering a space - tidy up a corner of your house you've been neglecting. Here are some tips:
  • Watch or read something that encourages mindfulness.
  • Take the time to zone out and find some space to breathe.

eClipse mindful listening exercise

eCliPSE mindful movement exercise 

Click here for eCliPSE self-soothing exercises
Click here for TED Talks on mindfulness

Free resources - download and share 

Stay connected - look out for one another 

  • If you have access to them, use available technologies and check in on people that you might not have seen recently - seeing someone’s facial expressions can help increase connection.
  • Can you talk to neighbours over the fence? Maintain contact with your community whilst following distancing guidelines.
  • Make a list of people who may be more vulnerable or isolated and assist where possible (e.g., those without internet access, or who can’t shop online).
  • Use this time to strengthen the bonds with your close friends and family who are in this lockdown situation with you.

During this uncertain time, it's important to remember that sticking together will strengthen the connections we have with each other. Showing kindness and compassion will help those around you, as well as contributing to your own sense of purpose and wellbeing in difficult times. 

It’s important to remember that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate - everyone is at risk and needs to follow guidelines from the government and medical experts. Maintain good hygiene and practice physical distancing. 

Seek support

You might find that even though you and your loved ones are practicing self-care, the added pressure of the COVID-19 situation can be overwhelming. With distancing guidelines in full effect and people being encouraged to self-isolate, telephone and online health services are a great solution. If possible, contact your GP or mental health professional for extra help (but ensure you are following all advice from Healthdirect, especially if you’re showing symptoms or are in self-isolation). Ask your doctor if they are using Skype, Zoom or other online video calling programs to stay in touch and provide services remotely. 

Lifeline - 13 11 14 

  • You can access this service by phone or through online counselling. There will phone counsellors available to take your call from 7pm to midnight. 


  • Free online support and counselling. 

Beyond Blue Support Service - 1300 22 4636

  • Short term counselling and referrals by phone and web chat.

Emergency Services - dial 000

For the latest official health updates please see the following sources

With so much change going on across the world it’s important to stay up to date with what’s going on. The resources below are trusted places to find health information on COVID-19.

Australia Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert

Health Direct: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Quiz me

This section of eCliPSE takes your through a series of quizzes (or screening tools) to help you understand the different types of thoughts and feelings you are currently experiencing.

By completing these "quizzes" you can get some feedback on your mood and lifestyle choices, download this feedback into a letter that you an show your GP or other healthcare professional, and also discover which of our eHealth programs might be the best for you right now.

You can also track your mood and lifestyle behaviours over time... by coming back and taking the quizzes again - at any time.

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